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Risk Contentment Unit

This below mentioned activities are comming under Risk Management Services.We have plenty numbers of samplers in our risk team.The Trainers are holding a decades of experiance in the field of sampling and vary much aware of different trigger points,where fraud documents skips from financial institutions clutch.

We provide the following under this services:

  • Sampling of documents at clients office.
  • ReceivPicking up the fraud documents from total loan application loggedin.
  • Screening of various loan applications.
  • Verifying the documents from the respective authorities .
  • Receive Request for New PAN card and / or Changes or Correction in PAN data from applicants.

Employee's Background Screening / Verification Services

SMA Screening Services is a leading provider of employment background checks, physicals and education check. Many of the companies nationwide have tied up with us, so they depend on us before they finalize their hiring decisions. Our quality service, fast turnaround time, accuracy and legal compliance enable any size company to hire with confidence. SMA conducts full-scope screening investigations of vendors to authenticate their integrity and financial position prior to you hiring them or subsequent to having signed with your company.

Field Investigation

  • Contact point verification
  • Telephone verification
  • Discrete verification
  • Customer profile verification
  • Life insurance claim investigation
  • Pre & post employment checks
  • Supplier and vendor verification
  • Student applicant screening and verification
  • Education credential verification
  • Company status ( genuine or fake) checks
  • Reference checks
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Gap Verification
  • Sanction Letter verification
  • Criminal record verification
  • Collateral checks( for banks & financial institutions )

KYC Verification

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Collections of various clients documents from customers door step
  • Other customised services as per clients requirements
  • Pan verification
  • Electric bill verification
  • Ration card check
  • Telephone & Mobile bill verification
  • Driving Licence checks
  • Birth & Death Certificate checks
  • RTO & Court document checks
  • EC checks from courts
  • Recommendation letter verification
  • Verification of gazetted officers signature